Thursday, July 9, 2009


Once there was a middleaged man who brought a teenage girl has his bride. There was a big gap in their age. Still they were happy with each other. One day they decided to go on a small trip to a different place and took their only horse along with them during their trip.
The middleaged man was sitting on the horse and his bride was walking along with the horse. They were travelling happily, enjoying the journey and has they were crossing a village, the villagers watched them. Some of the villagers started commenting telling, "Look, the man riding the horse seems to be very hard hearted, he is making the young girl walk with her tender feet and he is himself sitting on the horse and riding comfortably". On hearing this the horse rider became sad for sometime and then decided to make his wife ride the horse.
Now the middleaged man thought perhaps this was the best way to travel - his wife riding the horse and himself walking along with the horse. They continued with the journey and were again enjoying their trip. After sometime they happened to pass through another village. The villagers started watching these strangers. Some of the villagers started commenting, "Look, that lady who is riding the horse doesn't seem to be having any consideration for the elders. That middleaged man is walking along the horse and this lady has made herself comfortable. How can she be so very unconsiderate." On hearing this the couple decided that even this way of travelling was not the right way, so they thought that the best way would be to sit on the horse together.
Again they resumed the journey, by both of them sitting on the horse. Both of them chatted and enjoyed the scenes that were around, both of them were very happy. As they continued with the journey, they happened to pass through another village. The villagers started watching at these two strangers, as usual. Some of the villagers started questioning them, "Hey, don't you feel sorry for the horse, both of you are riding the horse together and what is to happen to the poor horse? How much can the horse carry so much weight?" On hearing this both of them felt very sorry and got down from the horse.
Now they decided that both of them will walk along side the horse, in this way the horse will not be burdened. They started walking together, hand in hand and with the horse trotting along with them . As they continued with their journey they had to pass through another village and again the villagers started watching them with curiosity. One of them commented " these two seem to be the greatest fools, they have a horse with them and instead of riding on it they are walking along with it" On hearing this, the middleaged man said to his wife, "No matter how we go these people seem to be passing some comment or the other. Henceforth I have decided that i am not going to listen and do in accordance to their comments, but in accordance to how i feel is the right one". His wife also agrees and both of them relax and continue with their journey happily irrespecive of what people say.

The above story tells us how the thinking differs with different people on different situation. Ultimately we have to listen to all the opinions but use our intelligence to discriminate and take the right action, which we feel is right for us in a given circumstance.

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